Why is this "casual"?

Why is this observation casual? It seems to have everything and I can’t believe the fly is cultivated.


Because of the no the id cant be improved vote. If you add an offsetting yes vote it will revert to needs id, but the id’s entered are insufficient to get it to research grade, so it goes to casual.

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It has three different IDs at the moment.

That does not impact it being casual. Under normal circumstances that would mean it remained at Needs ID. It is casual due to the no it cant be improved vote.


The submitter actually clicked on the “No it’s as good as it can be” box, perhaps because he thought he was supposed to based on what he could ID. I clicked on the “Yes can be improved” box and now it’s back to “Needs ID”

Thank you all. I’ve voted that the identification can be improved. No need for more comments.