Why the suggestion AI in ID mode doesn't work well?

Surprinsingly, I didn’t find any subject about this. The suggestions as not as good in ID mode (website) than on an observation page or in the android app. It often gives bad suggestions, even when it’s something common and easy to ID.

On observation page CV takes in the current id, so will search within that group possibilities.
In id mode there’re no suggestions at all, so not sure what you mean?

Are you referring to the compare tool? Then you need to change “Source” to “Visually Similar” for computer vision.


I’m referring to this, for exemple :

it works just right here

While here, no :

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thank you, now it works ! I wonder why it’s not on “visually similar” by default


what is CR ?

Computer Recognition?

Thank you

Because iders should add their own ids and not rely on what is visually similar.

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