Why was Palaeognathae dropped?

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I was wanting to add ratites to my favourites list and found nothing about ratites or palaeognathae within iNat’s taxonomy. I found an inactive taxon for it eventually (https://www.inaturalist.org/taxa/373224-Palaeognathae) and was curious as to why it was dropped? I personally think it’s important to distinguish the ratites from other birds, as they’re so morphologically similar (for the most part) that I find it weird that they’re delegated to separate orders within the life list. I know this really only has minimal effect on the actual taxonomic representation of the birds, but was more wondering why the taxon was dropped in the first place. Feel free to share your thoughts!

Th reasoning is here …
Taxonomic Drop 9640 (Committed on 2014-11-20) · iNaturalist

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Looking at the Taxonomic Change page:

Dropping this orphan bird superorder. If someone feels the burning desire to add Bird clades between Order and Species other than Family and Species - please be ready to take on the task of curating ancestors and update the curator guide

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It’s preferable to use flag space and taxon change comments sections to discuss specific iNat taxonomic questions issues, rather than here on the forum.

Since it’s been linked, I’ll close this topic to focus the discussion there.

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