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I decided to make a list of all the Facebook identification groups I normally use when trying to identify the things I photograph. The idea is that this list can be useful to other iNaturalist users, so I’m also looking for new suggestions of groups to add to the list. So if you use any other Facebook groups to help with organism identifications, feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll add it to this list. Given the suggestions I recieved, I also added other groups to the list that are not strictly related to identifications, but can be useful.

A bit of feedback: Facebook is a great way to connect with other naturalists. The structure and features of the social network allow the creation of groups where people can post photos, share information and discuss identifications. Some groups are more “scientific”, others not so much, but all of them have been really useful. People tend to be very helpful and usually have a pedagogical approach to my ID requests.

I organised the list according to the geographic scope of the group (from global to regional) and the taxonomic groups covered by each group. I made a small explanatory note when the subject of each group is not clear (either because the name is portuguese or because it is a very “broad themed” group).

Hope this can be useful, and please let me know if you have any suggestions to add to the list!

Facebook Identification Groups



Animal tracks/traces

Reptiles and Amphibians

Fish and other marine or coastal organisms





Plants, bryophytes and lichens

Mushrooms and molds


Please add:



Epidendrum Orchids


There are a number that aren’t strictly ID groups, but that are often helpful and mostly accurate:


Western Palearctic Gulls and North American Gulls also there’re good groups about jaegers and terns, but I’m not in them.

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@nicolasr @melodi_96 @earthknight Just added some of your suggestions to the list, thank you very much! I didn’t add all of them because I’m still trying to decide how to incorporate the “non-ID” oriented groups on the list. Perhaps I’ll make another section for those “non-ID” groups, but I’m happy to take suggestions for that!

Indigenous Flowering Plants of Southern Africa

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Groups in German language:
Mitteleuropäische Wespen
Schaben - Cockroaches
Libellen - Freunde
Spinnen + Spinnentiere + Bestimmung
Pflanzenbestimmung / Botanik-Gemeinschaft
Schleimpilze (Eumycetozoa/Mycetozoa)
Wer bin ich? Insekten, Spinnen und andere Gliederfüßer
Assel-Freunde- Deutschland
Libellen bestimmen ( ID )
Raubfliegen Mitteleuropas (Asilidae)
Schmetterlinge und Raupen zeigen und bestimmen

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@dianastuder @ppinat just added your suggestions, thank you very much!

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I checked out the “Spider Identification Page” and it was about 50% viral videos/memes/spam and the remainder was a lot of wrong IDs. So not sure if I would recommend that page for accurate IDs. Some suggestions instead:

Antman’s Hill (various terrestrial arthropods, mostly US) is also good for identification, and they have a separate Schoolhouse group designed for educational use directed more toward kids.

@jgw_atx thank you for the suggestions and the review on the group. I still had no time to check the groups one by one (I haven’t used some of the ones I shared in a long long time). I’ll try to review every group in the near future.

Also, thanks to @jonathan142 for the suggestion

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