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Hello everyone.

Recently I came across a journal post and also a profile page where the users put together a list of usefull identification guides for certain groups of animals. I think this is a great way of providing usefull information to other users and also to keep an organized list of resources for yourself. Therefore, I’d love to gather a similar list. I already have a couple of online resources on my list, but I wanted to add more things before “posting” it on my profile or my journal.

Does anyone have suggestions of guides/identification keys/resources that should be on the list? I’m mostly looking for online and open access resources (so that everyone can access them), but feel free to suggest any guide. Also, as I’m based in Portugal, I’m mostly looking for European guides, but I’m happy to take all suggestions!

Thanks a lot in advance (and thank you very much to @lisa281 and @pfau_tarleton for the great work that inspired me to replicate it)

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There’s a current thread to compile field guide recommendations that’s still open (, but you might have a different focus in mind for this thread


That is kind of what I’m looking for (the only difference is that I’m mostly looking for online resources that are available to everyone. I failed to mention it on the original post, my bad).


For lichens:


North American


Finland, Northern Europe

Leafminers and galls (Europe)

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Thank you very much! I’ve recently started paying more attention to lichens, so this will be very handy!

Excellent free online resource for the marine mollusks of the Eastern Gulf of Mexico (SW Florida):

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I haven’t updated it in a while (and have a lot more to add now too), but on my old nature blog I have a couple of pages dedicated to field guides:

I have a lot more bookmarked in my browsers that I need to add to those lists, but finding the time is difficult.

Would a wiki ( like this attempt ) serve you well?

The topic is closed but the Wiki can still be edited.

I have a lot of mollusk resources on my profile page. I have very little experience in Europe, though, so this might be the only one you’re interested in.

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That is a great resource! I wish there was something similar for european mollusks. Thank you very much!

That’s a great list you have, it will be very usefull! Thank you! (and if you ever find the time to update the list, please let me know. I might have a couple of resources you may find interesting to include)

@schizoform yes, that is exactly what I’m looking for! I’ll take a look at the guides you’ve listed, I think a couple of them will be a great addition to my own list!

@thomaseverest thank you very much! It is hard to come by a good online resource for European Mollusks (although probably I’m not searching hard enough for it)

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I went though the bookmarks on one of my computers and pulled links to more ID guides (ones I haven’t yet added to my web page). It’s still not all I have saved here and there, but it should add a few more useful resources. Sorry for not taking the time to explain what each one is individually, but most are self explanatory from the website name; many of the ones that are not deal with moths or other insects:


That is a long list :)

Thank you very much, it will be most useful!

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