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How can a wikipedia article be removed from a place when it is not relevant? See new place “The Bays, NSW, Australia” - the wikipedia article automatically linked relates to a band. There is no Wikipedia article about this place.

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Checking Wikipedia, the bays have individual articles see;

There hadnt been an article created for the collective know as the The Bays, NSW but I have created it , its at,_New_South_Wales


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to take advantage of this, the name of the place probably has to be changed from “The Bays” to “The Bays, New South Wales” (to match the Wikipedia article).

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Thanks for the help. Unfortunately my area called the bays is a group of bays near Woy Woy on the Central coast of NSW. There is a strong community in these bays and I thought to engage them in a project to record our flora and fauna.
Looks like I will have to get a Wikipedia article set up to cover “The Bays, Central Coast NSW” and adjust the name of the place accordingly. Again thanks for the assist.

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make sure you set up your Wikipedia article first, and then change the name of your place. there’s some sort of caching that iNaturalist seems to do that may make it look like iNat isn’t picking up your Wikipedia article if you do it the other way, i think. see for more info.


If you also create a Wikidata item and associate iNat id in the entry it should link to the two WD isnt one of my strong areas in the Wikimedia Projects.

Please feel free to ping me if need help with that, if I cant fix it I know a lot of people who will be able to on Wikimedia end at least

Thanks pisum and gnangarra. I’ll follow your advice and see how it goes.

Have a good day.

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