A Wikipedia article appears to be the wrong version


App version number, if a mobile app issue (shown under Settings or About):

1.23.21 (510)

This Wikipedia article appears to be misplaced

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welcome to the forum :)
This is something that occasionally happens when a taxon name is the same as a band, place, person, etc.

In cases like this, the best practice is to flag that taxon directly on iNat. I’ve fixed this one in the meantime.

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The Wikipedia link was turned off for some reason. I have activated it. That fixed it for desktop; does it work in the app? In the future, you can flag the taxon and curators will look into it.

It’s also helpful to check Wikidata and make sure the iNaturalist taxon ID is correct. Anyone can make edits there, and this is often the cause of the problem. That wouldn’t have fixed the problem here, but is something that would help reduce the number of flags.

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I just corrected the link.

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The link doesn’t really matter much with the Wikidata linking now.

Where did it show as being off for you? When I checked it, it was turned on, but linking to the wrong article, so I changed the title from ‘Metallus’ to ‘Metallus (insect)’ and it worked/was fixed immediately for me.

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There was no article showing in the About section and the Auto Description was unchecked. Checking that instantly worked for me. It looked like you were editing after me but we could’ve been doing things simultaneously that made things weird. I don’t think the title is a necessary field though, because the taxon number is linked to Wikidata. There are cases where the title field is correct but the number in Wikidata is wrong and that messes up what is displayed.

I think the simultaneous thing explains it, because the opposite was true for both of these things for me

Thank you, glad to be here. I’ll be sure to report it instead in the future.