Wild deer keeps being labeled captive

Hey, I’m new here, so forgive me for any mistakes using this forum. I took a photo of a white tailed deer and fawn walking out of woods behind my house and about to cross street to a field. Every time I look it says captive. So I change it back to wild. Bit it won’t stop. Is that auto? Or is someone flagging it? Thanks


It’s not captive, it’s Needs id for me, though with private place set experts will not see this observation soon.
Sorry, didn’t change language for screenshots, but you see there’s no voting on it for captive status.


Like melodi_96 said, I don’t see it marked captive either, but with a private location it will show up as “anywhere in the world” and it’s hard to tell native/wild/captive status on such observations. What is wild in one country would only be seen in a zoo in another. You could try setting the location to obscured instead. It will show up at a random location within a square so you’re not giving away the exact location if you have privacy concerns about that, but it will allow people to see which country/state/county it’s in.


Oh! Sorry I didn’t realize it’s on private let me change that


Okay, thanks so much. Hopefully that was my problem!


Looks like it won’t change. So strange

It looks like you set it to captive yourself, maybe by accident while changing other settings?

I keep unchecking it, bit it’s not me
I unchecked it again. I’ll keep an eye lol

if you see it happen again, scroll down the observation until you see this information, and then click the number that should have appeared next to the thumbs down

(are you on desktop?)


Thank you. Seems to be ok now



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