Wildlife Card Game!

Pokemon cards are actually more popular than ever now, so I think cards can work just fine today.


There’re less species-base games popular these days like Evolution, but it would be cool to turn actual ones in a game like this.

The cards look amazing, so professionally done!

You should really keep going with this, I think it has great potential!..

Good work!

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I love this idea. Often it takes strangers (tourists) to make locals appreciate what is right before their nose. With such cards on sale for tourists, they’d also catch the eye of locals.

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My previous post was meant to encourage the OP, perhaps give him ideas to expand on his project.

I find his cards and especielly the illustrations so much better than what I have been able to see so far. I’d get a deck, even though I’ve never been to Scotland and likely never will. Perhaps I’m just nostalgic of my childhood? ;-)

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On a similar theme, one of our local organizations has downloadable activities and games to encourage children to interact with nature RBG at Home - for Families - Royal Botanical Gardens

@abalcas Thank you very much! Really appreciate the encouragement. I’ve passed on a few decks to some children at my church, so we’ll see if they like them! Going to ask them for feedback next week :)

@paultavares, those downloadable games look excellent. I think I might make the pdfs available to download and print yourselves as well as getting them done professionally, just so everybody can have access to the cards regardless of expendable income etc.

@melodi_96, Yes! I think I’ve come across that game before. The artwork is beautiful, and a really clever idea as well. I think a totally new game like that is a bit beyond me at the moment, which is why I settled for a Go Fish type game with fancy drawings. :P

@olrett, Thanks as well for your encouragement too, it means a lot that people like the idea! I took a look at those links you posted, and the pollinator bingo is a great idea. That sort of fun checklist is exactly what I want to get at with the ‘Seen?’ checkboxes. I love the amount of info they’ve got on the pollinator cards as well. Nice find!

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This article just popped up in my news feed.


How a Board Game About Birds Became a Surprise Blockbuster
Elizabeth Hargrave’s Wingspan is transforming an $11 billion industry. And it’ll transform the way you think about games.

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Hey all!

Just updating this thread with the exciting news that I’ve kept going with the card game and it’s going to launch next week on monday!

I’m not going to put any links or anything on the thread (because the iNat forum isn’t the place for that), but if you would be interested in finding out more please message me directly and I’d be happy to fill you in. I’ve already messaged a few people on this thread who seemed particularly interested.

And thanks for your support and kind words! It was really helpful and encouraging. :)