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Good Morning…
I would like to have my recent observations on my WordPress blog, but whatever code I use is not working… can someone help?

If the page or post is live, can you share a URL?


Are you able to help?

Oops. Sorry for delay. Is the link you sent me the page that you’ve inserted the widget code?

I do not know WordPress from a widgets perspective, but when I looked at the code for the page I found that there appears no active feed of information from iNaturalist to the page. Line 431 displays the iNaturalist logo from WordPress media files and provides a link to your user profile in iNaturalist, but does not appear to have actively retrieved observation data from iNaturalist.

I apologize that I do not know how to fix this but I noticed the lack of the JavaScript call for the iNaturalist widget in the Wordpress page that would pull up the observations. You could try copying and pasting the widget code into the WordPress page code, but whether WordPress will publish the HTML as pasted is unknown to me. I can see where WordPress might strip out the JavaScript call as a matter of security. My apologies if what I am saying is confusing!

to put the widget into a wordpress blog you need to copy the code then in the page you want the widget to appear make sure that they page is viewed as HTML - this will show alot of code - then paste the widget in.

Oh, to find the HTML or code editor:
On the page you want to put the code click Edit post
Top right hand sode of that page are three dots on top of each other - click that
Choose Code Editor form the list