Worst Inaturalist Experiences Ever

Not at the time, I was too freaked out. Did so more recently. https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/56273611

Well I had one this year. I am a Texas Master Naturalist and this year the chapters in the DFW area hosted a Bioblitz that was just to boost our hour collection and to give us a chance to get the public involved in citizen science. That week seemed to be the worst week. One day I went to the Village Creek Drying Beds and I was out watching the birds. At one part I squatted down and then I was watching for birds. I was talking with my mother while I was by the grass she was on the phone with me. I then feel something tickling and then I feel sharp pains in my legs, and my lower back. I look down and I am covered with hundreds of fire ants. I got them all off but it took a while I was in pain most of that day. I had over thirty stings and it was a bummer I had to cut the observations short. I went home took a Benadryl and laid down the rest of the day. A few days before that I was still doing the DFW challenge and I went to a local park at Cliff Nelson Rec Center. I was out there for a while looking for Dragonflies. I can along the bend to the tree that is right in the pond and under it was a Muscovy Duck. This duck was possibly dropped there and was not happy. It wound up attacking me. It was biting my shoes and chased me and was just really going at me like ugly on an ape. He didn’t do a lot of damage but he did get my leg pretty good with the sharp part of his bill. He had chased dogs and attacked a kid in reports I got from a friend who had heard of that duck. Things just didn’t add up that week for some reason. I never seem to run into hazards like this. It was not the worst time but those things didn’t make me feel good. It was a mess. Not to mention but I went to Bob Jones and was almost bowled over by three White-tailed Deer coming out of the tree line. If I had been a foot further I would have been trampled. It was just a crazy week that week. Got a lot of good stuff but still it was chaos. I never really had a truly negative experience with iNaturalist. For the most part it has been really positive. A few years ago I did wind up getting my beat sheet pooped on by a bird but it was easy to clean. But other than that I would consider the ants to be the worst thing I have come around but I have been out at the Village Creek Drying Beds and I a lot of times this month and have not had anymore nasty run ins. I always watch where I step now. It is like a mine field out there with fire ant mounds. So all in all everything panned out but these were some of my most crazy outings.