Wow! and thanks to other members

I’ve recently joined i-Naturalist.
I joined to add records contributing to any maps of how nature may be changing year on year.
I’m hopeless at computers, apps etc but discover slowly. Today I found some members’ fabulous photos from around the world. I realised things that may be common place to me in my locality may be interesting to someone somewhere else.
Envious of some incredible photography.
Thanks to you all for posting and sharing, and also to people who help with id, directing to tutorials, etc


Welcome aboard.

No doubt you will find and share some wonderful observations. Some people do make the effort take amazing photos.




Welcome to iNat!!! (by the way, there’s no hyphen in iNaturalist :wink:)

You’ve posted nice photos!

I still wonder why they chose isiXhosa like iKapa for Cape Town ;~))

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