504 Gateway Time-out

I can’t use INat, it takes a long time to load and I always get “504 Gateway Time-out”.

Had the same issue here, but it’s resolved now.

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Just wanted to note that it is still happening for me intermittently.

Is anyone seeing this on pages other than your user dashboard? I suspect it’s a side effect of slow API responses from this discourse forum when trying to load forum topics for the dashboard. We don’t control discourse, so I’ll wait a bit to hope they resolve it, and if it goes on too long maybe I’ll remove the forum part of the dashboard until they do

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I am currently having this issue as well.

oop typing that fixed it apparently, I’m back

I removed the forum part of the dashboard for https://www.inaturalist.org . If anyone else is experiencing anything like this on other pages please give examples with URLs


anyone else getting 504s at the moment? I can’t get onto iNat at all

Same here

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Yes, started about 30 minutes ago on iNaturalist.org for me. Now pages are starting to load again, but not completely.

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Seems to be back to normal now…

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ditto for me

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Still happening for anyone?

all good on my end

Cool, I’m going to close this issue.

posting here rather than start a new thread; I just got 504 gatewayed trying to add a new species. Rest of site is working fine for me

EDIT: entire site being super slow for me now as well, many pages not loading at all

EDIT 2: interestingly, the species is now in iNat. So even though it gave me a 504 error, it still created the species oddly after a 30 min delay

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I had the same issue here