A Call for Observations on Scyphacella arenicola a possibly Critically Endangered Species

One month ago, Dr. Pallieter De Smedt and I embarked on a mission to locate the elusive Scyphacella arenicola, a burrowing isopod that hadn’t been observed in Maryland for over a century. Our endeavor proved fruitful as we not only located the species but also discovered four beaches adorned with their distinctive burrow tops. Moreover, we managed to procure specimens from two of these beaches. Despite our exciting rediscovery, the range of Scyphacella arenicola has significantly dwindled, possibly warranting its classification as Critically Endangered. In light of this concerning development, we earnestly implore individuals residing within its historical range, spanning from Texas to Massachusetts, to remain vigilant and assist in monitoring the species’ presence. Thank you!

Smithsonian’s post: https://naturalhistory.si.edu/research/invertebrate-zoology/news-and-highlights/isopod-rediscovery

Related observation: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/170036060


That is awesome! Thanks for sharing!


I sometimes triage unknowns to animals etc. Want me to search animals for Scyphacella arenicola and tag you in on promising candidates? If you confirm an observation as Scyphacella arenicola @ me and I’ll add an agreement.

For me, it’s just running three or four searches on iNat while I relax with something herbal. To you, it could mean a new observation.

I’ll try to get on that next morning. If I don’t feel free to message me. :)

The iNat way means a couple small gestures for everyone is the default. Observe moss, run a search.

Please don’t agree with an ID unless you can indpendently confirm it.


Agreed :) thanks as ever for clarifying things

That would be amazing, thank you!

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