Dose anyone have a printable list of isopod species in Virginia?

It would make my life easier!

I have a list of species for all of North America east of the Mississippi (all suborders and all habitats) that I made to help with the guide I’m making, so I can try to filter out the species known from Virginia and put it in a document for you if you want!


I made a copy of my species list for eastern North America and cut off most of the trimmings I had that weren’t important so I can share it with everyone. Some of the species and ranges are a bit weird since I haven’t been able to fully research them yet and a few of the suggested common names are still a bit provisional but it should be enough to get a good handle of what’s around (plus a parasite host table!)

The guide itself is a bit of a long ways from being done, but the core keys are about 80-90% finished. I need to get photos of a lot of species and draw a lot more before it’s done, along with trying to fill out life histories and ranges for all of the species where it’s known. I can definitely help with any isopod ID in the area I covering for now though, since doing this had taught me a LOT on how to identify them


Thanks a lot!

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