A couple questions about labeling wild / cultivated

When I posted a picture of one of my yamadori bonsai (collected from the wild, not cultivated) it was immediately marked as cultivated by multiple people even though I stated it was wild. I had to delete it and repost it with a more explicit explanation that the location I posted it from was where it was collected. I also changed default picture as a close up so it would attract less attention. The time was probably a few days off but I don’t really think that matters for this specific organism. Please don’t mark the date as inaccurate.

Even with my blatant comment, someone still tried to mark it as cultivated, I was able to counter it though.

Did you take a before picture in habitat?

Your pictures show a ‘captive’ plant in cultivation. Those pictures will be disconcerting among taxon pictures for ‘wild’ trees. (I won’t DQA on your obs)

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I don’t think so, not for this specific tree at least. Would you suggest I remove the pictures of the tree as a whole and leave the close ups?

No - your obs, your choice of pictures.

But perhaps to avoid confusion for identifiers next time, start with an unambiguous picture that shows the wild plant in situ. Then a second post for the ‘cultivated’ ? And linked via notes or comments.

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