Hello. New to iNat, seeking advice

Hello, everyone. Yes, very new and clueless about much.
Could someone explain why certain observations are automatically tagged ‘Captive or Cultivated’ when it is not?
Confused? Yep. Like I said, newb here.

When there is a species in an area where a certain threshold of observations marked casual is hit (its fairly high, can’t remember the number off of the top of my head,) the system will mark that species as captive/cultivated.

To fix this, scroll down to ‘Data Quality Assesment’ and thumbs-up the ‘organism is wild’ option (I believe)


Having scrolled down - if you click on the 1 - you can see if a person clicked it, or if it is the iNat default.
Either way - if you know it is Wild, click that and your vote will make the obs Wild again.

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Thank you very much. That actually explains a great deal.
(Expect additional silly questions from me in the not-too-distant future).

No worries, that’s what the forums are for! Glad you got it figured out

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There are, no silly questions.


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