A Group for Young Naturalists/Birders

Recently, a group was created for collecting the observations of the young birders of iNaturalist. Today (or yesterday), the group disappeared, and the original creator’s account was deleted (though he was respectable if deleted by a moderator).

I have remade the group here:

Trying to get the word out to as many people as possible. If you are a young birder and you don’t see your name on the group, message me and I’ll fix it.

Best regards,

Nathaniel ‘Nariman’ Pylant

(I will delete this topic once everything is fixed)

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and, if anyone has questions, they can also reply here.

Is there a way to resurrect the group? It sounds like it was deleted when the owner’s account was deleted? Maybe the iNat staff can open up the hood and assign it to a few new owners so it’s not dependent on one user to stay live.

Also, you guys are awesome and keep it up. I read this Audubon article recently and really feel for young naturalists trying to connect. There are many states not listed on the ABA Young Birder Club list, my own range included. Hopefully, this platform can help with that.

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I made a feature request for a similar functionality the other day.

yes, the owner’s account was deleted and as far as I know that deletes their projects as well, even if there are other admins/managers/curators.

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