Presentation or Guide to help people join and use Inaturalist

Hello Friends at Inaturalist

Firstly want to say what an amazing place this is. Since we (and I) started using this earlier last year we have discovered a great community and a great place to place and systematise our natural history documentation.

So thank you to the creators and an even bigger thank you to the many many people who help with species identification, advise and information.

A group of us in the Indian Himalayan State of Uttarakhand are organizing a winter bio-blitz (January 17th to 16th February 2021)

We want to bring on board first time users - so have to guide them in opening an account (most of them will be phone based) and then start posting observations. Some of these users may be unfamiliar with spoken / written English but are familiar with using phones with English interfaces

The inaturalist interface is a bit tricky for first time users (some of who would be familiar with app which is quite different)

So I was looking for any handy tutorials / presentations that are already available - and if feasible (licensing wise) use that as a template to create a tutorial in Hindi . (I would share the final presentation tutorial once it is made and of course credit the original creators)

Some of our past projects are below - these have been focused on small groups where I have been in direct contact with the members

  1. 60 day Nature Observation Challenge

  2. Big Butterfly Month / Year - CEDAR Training Group - (a subset of a larger india wide project but focused on participants from a training group)

Looking forward for advice and anything else as you may think applicable.

Wishes that 2021 be a safe, just, happy and productive year for all of you.

Thank you
kind regards


I don’t have one, sorry. But I’ll try to help you.

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Hello, and welcome to the forum!
To start, you will want to look at and translate the Getting Started pages on the website, which are here.

You may also find it helpful to show users how to change their common names and interface language. I’ll add screenshots for that in a moment.


You can change common names to India and language to Hindi.


Thank you

Will start working on this


@astra_the_dragon @vihaking277 Thank you

Will start working on this.



I made some little pocket-sized reference cards for using the app.


A larger task than a guide or tutorial, both the website and apps can be translated to any language, more details on the Help Us Translate page. It looks like someone did make a start on Hindi but there has not been much progress.


Thank you, this is great

Do you know where i can get the complete set of icons used by Inaturalist

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I did, also, venture there - that certainly will take some effort - will try and get a bunch of us involved in it.


There are some on this page

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Thank you

These logos I got

I was looking for the icons of say the camera / bird / reptiles etc as the show up on the app / web interface.

Right now making doing with a copy / paste job - will try and re-create them if not easily accessible. I only found the bird icon (as an svg)


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If you dig through the source code you can probably find links to the various assets, including icons and logos.

thank you

I have managed for now - will redo the 1st brochure with the originals again


Thank you for all the advice, links.

Attached is the first hindi output - not perfect but I think workable for the agenda in hand. I copied the form and design of the inaturalist brochure and changed some of the text elements. To save time and to not have any issues with image licensing I just used mine (most if not all of those are on inaturalist already)

I will be translating (and making a poster) from the Getting Started pages

I will also use the pocket size post cards as kindly shared by @jdjohnson


Based on the links and other suggestions provided here I have created a set of hindi “how to’s”

The have used the design of what was provided and I have had to change the text a bit (some explanations in some places)

they have not been reviewed by anyone else - so any mistakes are mine. However i think for the purpose od starting to introduce it I hope they work.

The originals ar ein SVG (Vector format) and if any would like them please ping me will be happy to share.

I copy pasted images from some of the links given hence their resolution is not great.

Thank you all for advising and helping

Am attaching what was produced (in 2 more mails after this)


These have the images for

  1. how to use on an Android Device
  2. how to use on the Web

This is the getting started guide

Apologies for the many mails - but was not sure if i should attach all the images in one mail or have them in separate mails (I chose the latter)


Fantastic work! It’s translators such as yourself that help make iNaturalist accessible to a wider and.more diverse audience :)

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@astra_the_dragon Thank you, discovering iNaturalist and its community has been one of the big moments in the past year. So am happy to contribute a little and share this community with more people.

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