A less precise "last active" date on user profiles?

It looks like the “last active” stat on user profiles registers the last date of log-in / simply viewing iNaturalist and not the last date of activity like adding an ID, comment, observation, or other publicly accessible content associated with a profile.

For privacy purposes, I would suggest:

–rounding it off to month, e.g. December 2018 rather than December 18, 2018, and/or
–basing the date on last publicly accessible content (IDs, comments, observations) rather than last date logged in, sending private messages, etc


really, there should be an option to hide the last active date altogether, if a user so desires. i don’t have a problem with what it shows other than that.

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Not sure why if it’s visible with one click on their profile anyway though.

not sure why what?

You’d let people turn it off.

My request is that it’s modified on the user profile. pisum suggested being able to turn it off on the user profile completely. Where are you referring to?

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I find it very useful to know if it is likely someone is active today, so rounding it off to the month is not useful. Basing the date on the last publicly accessible content would be fine.

And I have no problem with people having a way to turn it off from their profile, but of limited value unless you are also going to hide their publicly accessible content date/times.

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lurkers diagree

maybe. maybe they don’t. hard to know.

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