'Unknown' last active date

Browser, Chrome

Certainly not a hugely impactful bug, but a bit of an odd one I’ve never encountered before.


what exactly is the bug though? maybe someone creates an account but never uses it. so they’re never active? just picking some random users, it doesn’t seem uncommon.


if they had no activity aside from creating the account, the last active should match when they created the account


is that actually documented somewhere as what should happen though? in a way, if unknown does represent folks who have never actually logged in, then i think from a data perspective, i personally would rather keep last active date as unknown than to set it equal to joined date. just my opinion.

just in my brain. ;) The act of creating an account is a level of activity, albeit small.

We only started the “last active” date in February of 2016. So if they haven’t been active since then, it will say “unknown”.

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i don’t think this entirely addresses the full set of unknown last active date users. if you look at my examples above, they are all recently created accounts.


Those are Seek users who created an account via Seek. If they share an observation from Seek to iNat, we’ll get an authenticated request to the rails app that will count toward “last active”, but I’m pretty sure any other Seek use won’t trigger that.

Creating an account does not count as “last active”. :stuck_out_tongue:

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OK, marked my first response as a solution to the original post. @thebeachcomber should we close the report? I suppose one could make a feature request for how to handle these situations, but it seems pretty minor to me.

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yep all good to close