A number of GBIF records from iNaturalist dropped today

Hi all, I am not sure whether it’s a general topic or a bug report. Today after sheduled update of the iNaturalist dataset in GBIF (https://doi.org/10.15468/ab3s5x) a number of records dropped from 26.3M (as of 3 Mar 2021) to 25.0M. I have no idea what happened since the standard link to check the same dataset within iNat (https://www.inaturalist.org/observations?created_d2=2021-03-11%2018:00:29%20-0800&license=CC0,CC-BY,CC-BY-NC&quality_grade=research) is not working.

for what it’s worth, your query above returned 25MM records for me, although it took some time and a couple of tries to return anything:

Sorry, it’s my fault! The number of records is totally OK rising from 23.6M to 25.0M.
However, the link is still hardly available. I would be quite happy, if this topic will be either deleted or closed.