Current pause in GBIF export?

Happy to be pointed somewhere else, and apologies in advance if this has already been addressed elsewhere!

But looking at the iNaturalist dataset on GBIF it looks like the most recent observations are from November 26, 2021. Is there currently a pause on exporting or importing data to GBIF/if so, is it known when it might resume?


We generate a file on our end that GBIF periodically pulls to update on their side. I’m not sure what their schedule is. Normally we generate the file once a week, but a few times recently our process was interrupted so we’ve been less consistent in the last month. We last generated the export on our side on December 26th. Another export should be generated in a few days and after that we should be back to our regular weekly exports. Assuming the GBIF update process hasn’t changed, I’d expect to see the dataset updated there soon - sometime this month at least.


Thanks so much! I appreciate it! I’ve been encouraging some folks to update their observation licenses to CC-BY to be shared with GBIF and I’ve just noticed it hasn’t shown up for me to show them it worked.

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