About AI-generated images

Here’s an example [of an observation with AI-generated images, link removed by moderator]

Don’t know whether there will be more, but should we update the Community Guidelines (to include rules about AI-generated images)?

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just a heads up I’ve removed the link to the observation for now


If an observation has only AI-generated images, it should be marked as lacking evidence of an organism.

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Why did you remove the link?


It should be covered by this guideline (though not explicitly including AICG posted by human), missed it at the first glance.

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You shouldn’t post links to other users and their content on this forum.

Unless it is a link to your own obs, it will always be - removed by a moderator.

Just to add to Marina’s point:

Forum policy is not to “name & shame” anyone. You can link to another’s observation in the forum for positive or neutral examples, though it should be used judiciously, lest an observation become the next Gerald. :laughing:

The forum is not supposed to be the place to point out violations, or bully people (hence why the “worst photos” thread is people posting their OWN “bad” photos, not other’s). For violations of iNat policy, you can flag the observation or photo, and/or email iNat.

It’s fine to link to another’s observations for bug reports, though, or when you are providing an non-negative example.


I don’t think the machine generated content prohibition specifically covers AI-generated images, although I supposed we could expand it to explicitly prohibit those. But AI-generated images would not be evidence of an organism, so yeah, you can vote that in the DQA.

With so many images and image editing software incorporating AI in some way, shape or form, though (eg DXO Prime denoiser, which I use, and basically any smartphone image), I think we’d have to be explicit about what’s acceptable and what’s not.

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Thanks for the reply.

I think we’d have to be explicit about what’s acceptable and what’s not.

that’s why I made the post.

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