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I am starting to try and contribute to the site by IDing some things I feel pretty confident in. In my travels, I am finding some contributors that upload super garbage pictures. And the same species over & over.
I see that “reporting” is probably not the best method, and instead to adjust “Data Quality Assessment”.
This is a great observation example: [removed by staff] This guy has tons of these garbage pictures. What is the best course of action for observations like this?

Those are perfectly fine observations, please, delete the link from the post as this user didn’t do anything wrong.

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Hi @viscouse, welcome. Thanks for helping identify observations posted by others in the community.

I removed the link to the individual observation because the Forum is not the place to draw attention to questionable or undesirable behavior of individual users, especially not in a negative way. If you do have concerns about specific accounts, please direct them to

Repeat observations of common species and blurry photos may have personal value to the observer and can be useful for others too. Just because you don’t find them valuable doesn’t necessarily mean that others share your opinion. If you encounter burry photos, you have a few of options:

  1. “Mark as reviewed” and move on.
  2. If the observer’s identification is plausible but there isn’t enough detail to confirm, add a non-disagreeing identification that you’re comfortable with, e.g. “flowering plants” or “dicots”.
  3. If the observer’s identification is unlikely to be correct (e.g. far out of known range), add a disagreeing id that you’re comfortable with.

You can also mark observations as “No, it’s as good as it can be” in the Data Quality Assessment prompt “Based on the evidence, can the Community Taxon still be confirmed or improved?” when that’s the case.

Please don’t use the Data Quality Assessment to vote against “recent evidence of organism” or “evidence of organism” when it is clear that there is, in this case, a plant.


Thank you for helping me understand the guidelines of this site. I am happy to abide by everything you say.


Just because you upload the same species over and over doesn’t mean it is “garbage”. I don’t see anything often, so I just take pictures of the ants in the sidewalk cracks.


What would count as a garbage picture?

This is perfectly permitted under site rules. The same organism observed at the same time should go under 1 record.

Otherwise records of the same species, or even different individuals are different times are to be done as separate records.


Other than spam, porn, copyright violations etc.

There is no mandate or rule photos must be of a certain quality.

If you don’t feel a photo is of sufficient quality to identify it, then just ignore it and move onto a different record to try and identify.


As said it’s nothing, but if you don’t know what you saw and photo show absolutely nothing of it, it’s highly unlikely to be identified, so it may be worth thinking it matters enough to upload.
Though I’m on the edge of thinking website would loose nothing but only get extra space by deleting all observations without medifiles, id and location that happen because of app work.

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