'About Community Taxa'

I often click What’s This for Community Taxon

What I want to see, is what changes for each obs, as each ID is added. Agreement or disagreement with my ID at what taxon level. Still learning my way thru what fits where, especially when the name changes, again. I may then change my ID to a higher taxon.

I would like to be able to collapse ‘About Community Taxa’
And have that collapse be sticky, unless I ask to see it again.

Or put the actively changing bit above, with the wall of text explanation below the fold.

Try clicking the About button under the Community Taxon chart. That gives the same info from “What’s this” but with more specific examples of how IDs affect it like you asked for. The About button is only shown for RG and not in the What’s this box. So, you might want to suggest that a hypothetical example of how specific ID affect community taxon be also given in the What’s this box for all obs. As for collapsible, both What’s this and About boxes close when you click anywhere on the page outside their border.

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I only want to see the taxonomy (for that obs with the latest ID) - with 3 votes at this level and 1 at that level.
The general explanations I have read - and do not need to see again.

On RG obs. there’s a second version of the info. under the “line” graph in the About button. It does show a taxonomy and counts. I’ve been assuming this is what you’d like to see. The only limitation is it’s only shown on RG obs. (not in Needs ID obs.). In the event that info. (at least for RG obs.) still isn’t what you’re looking for, then I don’t understand and will leave it up to other comments.

Both What’s This and About show me exactly the same thing.

There’s no need for RG, but for community taxon to exist, so there should be two ids.

@dianastuder so you want it as a tab like annotanions? I think there’s just so many things goind on on that panel, so there’s no place and that’s hy it’s hidden, why is explanation is there forever I have no idea, there should be an option to not see it again.

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Try the About button on this page: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/8266520. That should at least show the taxonomic view I was referring to. Having said that, I don’t know if it’s maybe not showing up on other obs. for you, which could be an actual issue. Also for me, it (and the community ID calculator graph) only showed up on certain obs., I think all RG obs., and at least some verifiable didn’t show it.

We are talking at cross purposes. I can, always see the taxonomy.

But first I have to scroll past a screen of text I never want to see again. For every ID on every obs every time I want to see the taxonomy.

Okay. I did find that this post was unclear so I gave it my best attempt, but I’ll leave it up to other commenters.

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