Say what the Community Taxon is in the DQA

Often people vote “Yes” too soon for “Based on the evidence, can the Community Taxon still be confirmed or improved?” in the Data Quality Assessment section (DQA). That is, they vote right after they added a refining ID, but the community taxon doesn’t yet match their ID. For example:

ID1: Flowering plants
ID2: Typha (cattails)
The Observation Taxon is now Typha (cattails),
but the Community Taxon is only flowering plants

If IDer 2 now votes that the Community Taxon, flowering plants, cannot be improved, that’s counter to the genus level ID they just made.

How about adding the Community Taxon in that sentence?

Based on the evidence, can the Community Taxon, Angiospermae (flowering plants), still be confirmed or improved?

It would need to update whenever the Community Taxon changes.

Note: for more on the topic of Observation Taxon vs. Community Taxon, see topics like:

For that matter, shouldn’t all the DQA votes just be cleared and start over if/when the community taxon changes, since all those votes were for different community ID(s)? Or is that what you are saying here?


Speaking as a fairly new user myself, I think a lot of new users don’t understand this question and how it behaves. I’ve seen a couple of observations that would have long ago been research grade at species level except for someone marking this check box - I assume by accident:

I don’t know the history of these - I suspect they were marked by someone before they reached species at the community taxon. I like both suggestions above. It might also make sense to provide a warning if someone marks this while the Community Taxon is species level (and maybe even the Observation Taxon). I don’t know of many legitimate cases for doing this, and if it happens by accident it seems to take a long time to get cleaned up.