About the Curators category

This category is a place for iNaturalist site curators to discuss general topics related to curation that might not be great fits for the General category.

Only site curators should start topics here, but others are welcome to read and respond. Please refrain from posting about sensitive topics related to community moderation or singling out specific users. I can create a private category for that if needed, but in the meantime email help@inaturalist.org if you spot users consistently or egregiously violating Community Guidelines.

This is not a place to discuss possible changes to specific taxa. Those discussions should be started via a flag on the taxon’s page.

If you have been a regular iNaturalist user for at least several months and are interested in becoming a site curator, please carefully read the Curator Guide and email help@inaturalist.org with an example or two of a taxonomic change you would like to make that abide by the policies in the guide. We need to know that you understand the policies and will abide by them.