About the Educators category

This category is a place to discuss the use of iNaturalist and Seek by iNaturalist in educational settings. Educators and community members can discuss ideas and experiences, share curricula, and ask questions related to iNaturalist and education here. If you have a question, please take a moment to search the category to see if it has already been answered.

If you plan to use iNaturalist with students, please read the iNaturalist Teacher’s Guide first - it goes over important best practices, common pitfalls, and legal issues involved.

No one under the age of 13 can have their own iNaturalist account without a parent or guardian’s permission, and that can only be obtained via this pathway (a small donation is required).

Finally, please keep in mind that all observations posted to iNaturalist are public records of where an observer was on a certain date, and they are viewable by anyone with an internet connection.