Accidental deletion of files

I accidentally deleted images before i uploaded them. Now they no longer exist when I try and upload them again. They have disappeared from the folder. However they still do exist in my photos folder. I have tried a cut and paste in photos into another folder and tried opening that but the problem till exists. Any ideas please

Can’t you upload them from the folder where they still exist?
Maybe you could post some screenshots to illustrate what is the problem?

Hi, Carol,
You are probably wondering why over 100 people have read this, but only one person has answered. The difficulty is that your description of the problem is quite vague, so a lot more information would be needed in order to understand what the issue is.
You deleted images. From where? A camera, a phone, a computer, what device exactly? By what method did you delete them?
Before you uploaded them. To where? Were you transferring photos from a camera to a computer? A phone to a computer? Or trying to create iNat observations?
They disappeared from the folder. Which folder? Where is that folder? On what device? What is it called?
They exist in photos folder. Again, where is that “photos” folder?
You tried cut & paste. So what happened? Could you copy them to a second folder? Or did that operation fail? Did you get a particular error message? (As an aside, “Copy” is better than “Cut”, as that way you aren’t affecting the original.)

Sorry to ask all these questions. I know that it is frustrating to be asked questions when all you want is an answer. But it is not possible to give a helpful answer without knowing the situation. That’s why Marina suggested screen shots, so that we could get a clearer idea of the problem.


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