Add pics back to Seek via camera roll?

I deleted some pics from iOS Camera Roll, making them disappear from Seek. After putting them back to camera roll via AirDrop, they still don’t show up in Seek. Seek does not recognize the species at all if I ask it to identify the image, even when it was species-level ID’ed before. Is there a way to re-link the pic with the observation? thanks
(ps I’ve seen that the new pics are stored in Seek now, but I’d like to have pics from an older trip.)

Is there any chance the photos you deleted are still in the phone’s Recently Deleted album? I’ve found that if I restore photos from that album, Seek will be able to link to them.

sorry I did’t receive notifications - no they weren’t there any more. I deleted them from Recently Deleted bc I was short on space on the phone.

Hi buddy, this is kind of strange. But most probably the export was not done in a proper format/way. Do check the recycle bin, that’s the last hope as of now what I personally feels.


Hi, thanks, I found they were named according to the import date instead of the image date. To change the image date in Photos might not really be possible. I also was very careful in emptying the recycle bin in Photos after uploading them to dropbox because I had almost no storage on the phone.

Now I go and find the settings to get an email when I get a reply : ) thx

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