Account listed twice on Recent New Users page

Thank you. I was also wondering what you might make of this. A mistake and the person made two accounts?

That’s the same account. They both have the same unique userid of 2375159.
What makes you think they are 2 different ones?

On the “new users” list there were two of them with the same avatar (a bird), separated by a few other new users.

I suspect it is a display bug. That behaviour of the same thing showing twice seems to pop up in various places on the site, such as observations etc. I’m not sure the site devs have ever really been able to get to the bottom of it, or even reproduce it.

But as far as I know, unless there is some unicode trickery going on, it should be impossible to create 2 accounts with the same name (even unicode trickery would technically not be the same name, it would just look similar visually, and I’m, not sure what if any unicode characters are allowed in user names)


All right, and thanks again!

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I’m using textblaze, which will remove duplicate tabs for me when I have that setting turned on. I can confirm that textblaze does indeed remove the second one when I open them in their own tabs, so there is no hidden characters that would make them unique.

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No one’s commented about this in a long time and I’m not seeing it, so will close. If you see again, please open a new bug report.