Accuracy not visualised on the map when set

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Browser, Chrome and firefox

any new observation

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This minor bug appeared today, May 13, at least in both Chrome and Firefox which I tested.

Step 1: Upload a geotagged photo
Step 2: Click on location in order to set accuracy
Step 3: Fill the “Acc.(m)” field with an integer value
The accuracy circle does not appear on the map, as it always did before.
Step 4: Click on “Update observations” button.
Step 5. Click on location again to see the map.
The accuracy circle is on its place as it should be.

But if the value is changed, nothing happens on the map (the circle size changed accordingly before). It is now necessary to update and reopen to see the new circle size. (At the same time a in coordinates is immediately visualised on the map, and before)

So, to evaluate the accuracy visually, I now have to update the observation and re-open the map, which is an additional action to how it was before. Nothing crucial but bit annoying yet. It would be nice if the previous functionality were restored.


I’m noticing the same thing today, but with pinned spots instead of geotagged photos. If I write in a different acc than the default for my pin, the circle doesn’t change size to represent the new acc. If I drag the edge of the circle it will update the acc to match. It works for what I need but I’m not fond of all those decimal places. (I’m using Firefox)

I have the same thing in Chrome when adding an observation and placing a pin manually.

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Filed a bug report here: We just updated some Google Maps stuff on the back end so I suspect this is related to that.


this is fixed, i think.