Ack! I saw a rat - are ultrasonic repellers safe for other wildlife

Chicago is forward that way: Coyote Patrol

Wow I didnt know there were coyotes all the way up in chicago I thought they were just in the desert area

Ugh! Well, I suppose I discovered the source of attraction of this rat visitor. I saw one today in my mealworm bird feeder. Bye-Bye bird feeder.:sob: I was too shocked to get a picture before waving my arms and scaring it off. So, no rat OB, unfortunately. :expressionless:


Sadly the ultrasonic things dont work…
My neighbour put up a repeller to scare away my cat, but she seems to be sleeping beneath it! The same applies for rats - we have a fat one under our shed.

From what I’ve seen, most people’s “acceptable” level is zero.

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I just ended up removing the bird feeder. That seems to have led to the rat moving on,

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