Echo Meter Bat Indentification

I’m wondering if there are other Echo Meter users for bat identification. I love mine, though I’m still learning the features. This morning I had more bats than usual (entering my 2 bat houses). I know bats will commonly have more than one roosting site, but wondering if there’s a reason for the up-tick today. Surely it’s too early for migrating bats to be passing through. Is it weather related? (The vast majority of my bats are Big Brown Bats, with a sprinkling of Northern Yellow, Eastern Red, Hoary, and Evening Bat, plus a handful of “No I.D. Found.” In the spring I also had a few Mexican Free Tail and Townsend’s Big Eared Bats. – I’m in NC)


Hi. I use Echo meter for bat detectiion/identification in the UK. Nothing too rare or exciting here, but I love sitting out in the evening and watching/listening to them, with it on hetero.

Welcome to the Forum! I wonder if there was an uptick in some particularly tasty insects in your area that attracted more bats?

Definitely could be weather related. I’m curious, did you visually watch more bats go into/out of the bat boxes, or did you only pick up more acoustic files than normal? Sometimes I’ll have a bat circling for a long time which makes it seem like there are lots of bats flying around when it’s really just one dude flying laps around my yard!

I don’t use an Echo Meter, I have a Petterson M500 and SonoBat Live from my work which fills the same niche. It’s a great tool for public outreach, and is lots of fun to bring with me on camping trips and such :)

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