Add a banner to the app to direct new users to mark captive organisms captive

I agree. Besides, new users that just want their garden plants identified can probably get that from the automated ID system anyway and don’t care if it is research grade.

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I think most people are able to add “plant” or “animal”.
You could always add the option ‘I really don’t know’.
I have seen many observations where people add the ID as a comment but don’t fill out anything.

For new people at the beginning, it can be a mission to work out how to convince iNat my obs is an …
So they leave the info in a comment (where I often see a spelling mistake = which for iNat gets Never Heard of It)

And the obs where they ask - is it, plant, or animal, is, or was, it alive??

Closing because wild/not wild will be part of planned onboarding (no estimate as to when that will be released).