Add a tab on Taxon pages linking to the Geo-Model

Hopefully this is the correct place for this.
Recently the iNaturalist development team added a Geo-Model to the computer vision process. One of the features that came with this was the Geo-model explaination page, which show the raw output of this model and the thresholded binary hexagons. The issue is that this page is mostly hidden from the taxon pages and to reach it you essentially need to bookmark a geo-model page and manually replace the Taxa ID.
To get around this I have created (with the help of ChatGPT to be perfectly honest) a TamperMonkey script that will add a link to the geomodel in as a tab in the Taxon page.
For example see below.

Follow the instructions here on how to install TamperMonkey and install custom scripts.
And for anyone security-conscious here is the full text to the script to ensure it doesn’t have any nasties in it.
Also note that I’m not smart enough to impliment a check to see if a Geo-Model exists for any particular taxa, if you install the script the tab will appear on any taxa page and will return a 404-error if you try to use it for a taxa that has not yet been modelled.
Thanks to the iNaturalist team for implimenting this new Geo-Model and making the outputs openly available! Hope this helps anyone else that is interested.

PS, let me know if people have interest in some other scripts I’ve made for personal use, the one I use most is a Random Taxon button that I use to explore a random species.


Great idea! I hope this is developed by the team.
Maybe have the geomodel raster overlaid with observations to better see out-of-range sightings? How are people detecting these currently?

You can do this with the overlays in the Geo-Model explaination page, along with seeing IUCN distribution maps when available. Eg.

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Ah cool thank you. Totally missed that layer tab!