Add Agree button to genus observations on Identify grid view


I am primarily an identifier, and one very useful tool that I use is the little “agree” buttons when you are identifying observations in a grid.

As you can see from the photo, there are no “agree” buttons underneath the observations, because they are at genus level or above.
However, when observations are at species level, there are little “agree” buttons.

I am proposing that the agree buttons are put on genus level observations as well as species level observations. For example, mushrooms in the very large genus Russula are almost impossible to identify to species. 99% of the time, I simply agree that the mushroom is a Russula. I could do this at least twice as fast if there were agree buttons on genus level observations. Does anybody else think that the “agree” buttons on genus level observations would be useful?

If I’m agreeing to an observation that is already IDed to genus (rather than refining it to species or leaving it for someone else to refine) the observation community ID often requires voting “No, it’s as good as it can be”. We can only do that by opening the ID modal / pop-up anyway. Seems like that would be the case for the Russula observations too?


Whaterver it will be decided, for me it is important that such observations agreed at the genus level will remain in the “need ID” class.

Genus level observations marked as unable to improve become research grade


Wait, really? I feel like I’ve seen a lot of discussion here on the forum about how that’s not the case.

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no, MWS is correct… two IDs or more (a requirement for RG) at genus or finer and “Can’t be improved” do lead to RG… so it works with subgenus too…


I’d be against this as a) many genera can be identified to species on iNat, so this is not something I think should be applied to all of them as it might discourage closer scrutiny and b) as @bouteloua said, you’d still have to use the pop-up modal to vote in the Data Quality Assessment.


yeah i thought we were trying to reduce/de-incentivize using those agree buttons at all, since the photo you see is so small, so I’m not sure expanding to let you also ID as genus is a good idea…


Agree with Charlie. There has been previous discussion on removing the agree button entirely, although TPTB ruled for leaving it.

If you just want to speed up your workflow, @pdvmushroom, one option is to open the ID modal, and then only use your keyboard: “A” for “agree”, right arrow for “next please”. (For my old hands, this is much faster and way less tiring than clicking.)


I’ll close this topic a we won’t be moving forward with the request.