Host option for Insecta

Often times the plant associated with an insect observation can be of great importance for ID (i.e. oligolectic bees and lep larvae). Also, this information could prove useful in describing new habits of certain species. The way I would suggest is to move the favorite up next to the options, as it doesn’t really need its own section, replacing it with a plant host section.

I would also like to show some support for the idea to add agree and disagree buttons on IDs. A greater ability to show consensus while leaving more room to foster discussion via comments.

This can be done via Observation Fields, eg

Please try to keep feature requests to a single feature. There is the ability to disagree on iNat already, although it’s a bit convoluted.

Aha! Thank you! Guess I shouldn’t be limiting myself to the app. Or you guys could slide it into the app too ;)

Also I mean disagreement of say a species ID without having to repost a higher level ID, just a thought.

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Yes, come over and hang out on the website! I didn’t use the actual site for many months but a whole new world was opened up to me when I did. I highly encourage it.

You’re welcome to submit this as a separate feature request. It will get lost in here otherwise.

Welcome to iNaturalist and to the forum! @jday1235


I’ll close this topic as it can be handled via Observation Fields.