Add an Amount of Creaturs

Im in a nature reserve and we want in future to collect some of our data in INaturalist. The amount and gender of each individual species is important for our data. Is there allready such a feature? It would be nice if you could assign the amount to an specific area.

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Sex is available through Annotations. Count is usually recorded through an Observation Field. I think this is the most popular one for recording the number of individuals.


Just to help you visualise what Jane said, both of these features are on the right hand side of each observation.

For abundance, you go to the Observation Fields box, type in ‘Count’, and then enter the number

For sex, you go to annotations (same side of the page, but a few sections above the observation fields) and can select male/female


Also it’s needed to say that the observation is for one individual only and doesn’t represent the count of other individuals (other than the added field, mentioned above, and some other fields).


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