How to enter the "count" of an observation on the iNaturalist app?


I cannot see where/how to enter the Count of the number of a species in an observation on the iNaturalist app for iPhone.

On the iNaturalist website, I see that there is a way to get to “More Fields”>“Add a field” and then to add the “Count” field for an individual observation.

How can I keep this Count field for all observations on the website and on the iPhone app?


This one sounds more like a question than a feature request, so I moved it to #general before approving.

Each observation is for one species. If you have a picture with multiple species in it, you can duplicate the observation for each species. In the description/notes field, say which individual you mean for the observation.

I sometimes include a duplicate of the photo where I cropped out the other organisms, so it’s easier to see what the actual subject is.

Check this one out as an example. The links pointing to other observations is optional, but you do need to say which one you are IDing.

I cropped the original photo for the flatworm.

@jbecky I think the poster is getting at the

(my emphasis), not a situation with multiple species in a photo (for which your advice is very helpful!). How many individual Monarch Butterflies were seen when a Monarch Butterfly observation was made, for example.

That said, I have no experience with how (or if) fields work in the phone app, so will leave that to others…

Although I use the Android app, I suspect the capabilities are similar. I find that I have to add fields post-hoc from the website as the app has no access to fields, not so far as I know.

Screenshot reference:

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@jbravolux - there is no way currently to enter observation fields via the mobile app, it can only be done on the website. Likewise on the website, there is not way to make the count (or any other observation field) appear by default on all your records, you have to add them individually.

Probably the fastest way to do it is as follows:

  • enter all your observations either on the mobile app or website and synch them up.
  • go to the website and click your user icon button in the top right.
  • choose Edit Observations
  • click the batch edit button
  • select the observations you wish to add the field to by clicking next to it and when finished choose the edit selected button
  • expand the top section marked Batch Operations which is backlit in yellow, then expand the More fields at the bottom of that section.
  • under Add a Field, add the ‘Count’ observation field (or which ever one you choose to use. Observation fields suffer from terrible duplication, so there are many related to counting numbers, but the one simply called ‘Count’ is the most frequently used
  • press the Apply fields button that appears to the right, this will add an empty instance of the field to every record
  • scroll down through your observations and add the quantity
  • press the save all button

I will grant you it is not the most efficient way this can be done, but given what the site supports right now, the above is likely the fastest way I know of to bulk add it. If someone knows another approach, feel free to chime in.


Ah, the number of “a” species. I see. That makes sense to want that sort of a count field if you’re doing research. Sadly, you will only be able to use the info for your own observations or those of people who know to use that same field name.

The other way is to make an observation of each individual. Some people hate this idea and some people do it religiously. I tend to get bored after 2 individuals and distracted by some other species.

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