Add an ID request to my account that I put in before logging in

I’ve added an ID request but I wasn’t logged in. How do I add it to my account after I log in?

Also, I can’t find a log out button on the app.


Thanks, Chris.

Hi Chris, and welcome to the forum.

Could you clarify exactly what you mean by adding an ID request.

Is your phone an iPhone or Android?

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I uploaded a photo that I wanted identified/confirmed, so as to have it added to the database. It’s a Nokia Android phone.

You can’t upload anything if you’re not logged in, maybe you accidentally logged in with account linked to your social media?

BTW, I thought of a work-around by deleting it from the “anonymous” entry, logged in, and uploaded it again which worked. But there must be a better way, surely? I’m on a steep learning curve here!

Hi, thanks for the clarification, you’re right as I did notice it did seem to be taking a long time to upload. It would help first-time users if the app was clear that you had to log in to upload anything.

Checked now and it seems after logging out it does show you the whole interface, which is weird, I’m pretty sure it’s not an intended behaviour and a bug.

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