Why am I asked if I agree with an ID that's the same as my original ID?

I have read the FAQ on when to agree/disagree.
Why am I asked if I agree when additional ID’s are the same as my original ID?
If I don’t click “Agree” with something I obviously already agree with, what happens? Good, bad, ugly?

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Could you provide a screenshot of what you’re referring to. If I go to one of my observations where 1. I made an ID --> 2. someone else made the same ID, there’s no agree button that shows for me


Welcome, @becksnyc! In my experience with IDs, usually the “Agree” button only shows up for giving an ID to another person, as @thebeachcomber posted. It is a way for people to post the same ID as the original IDer without going through the whole process of typing the name and clicking a lot more buttons. I will have to keep an eye out for this. Also, you don’t have to click “Agree” since there is the whole process of Community ID.


The first clip shows the observation that I made and my ID.
The second clip shows another user’s ID, which obviously is the same as mine. It also asks if I agree with his ID.

ah ok, so that shows on the dashboard, not the observation itself. You don’t need to click that, there is zero consequence of not clicking it. If you do click it, it will just retract your ID and add it again.


Thank you so much. Will ignore in future unless the ID is different than my own (& I agree).


There was a feature request to remove these extra agree buttons (https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/limit-available-agree-buttons-specifically-in-the-activity-feed/6574). @tiwane just closed it, alluding to an “imminent dashboard redesign.” (Is this the same thing as the notification revamp?) So I’m guessing this problem will go away one way or another.


You can stop these showing up in your dashboard if you want. There is a setting called “Notify me about confirming identifications”, if that’s off you won’t see these at all.


Interesting … I never before noticed that redundant “Agree?” on my records when the notification appears on my dashboard that someone agreed with my ID. That might explain some of the retracted and then re-added original IDs I’ve seen on other iNatters’ records. Certainly confusing to new users who might think they need to agree with the agreement.


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