Add another link from individual observations to list of same-day observations

Platform(s), such as mobile, website, API, other: website

Description of need:
I often find myself wanting to see an observation in the context of all my other observations from the same day or maybe sharing the complete list of observations from a given date with someone else.

Currently, the process to do so from an individual observation is quite cumbersome and involves:

  1. Clicking on My observations
  2. Clicking on Filters
  3. Clicking Exact date
  4. Typing or selecting the date
  5. Clicking Apply filter

A link to same-day observations from the same user also exists in the footer of the page (thanks @bouteloua for pointing it out), but it’s so buried at the bottom at the page that it’s not very convenient (I didn’t even know this existed!).

Feature request details:
I’d love if I had the ability to click on the date of an observation at the top of the page (see screenshot) and directly open a filtered list of the same user’s observations from the same date. This is inspired by eBird which uses date links everywhere as ways to connect individual observations, taxon pages, photos to the corresponding checklists (which are roughly the equivalent of filtered lists on iNat). Thanks for considering this small request!

I’m out of votes right now, but that’d be a great addition!
upd. It should be working for other users too, it can be useful for iding.

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I wholeheartedly support this feature request (yes, I voted) but not necessarily the suggested implementation. For one thing, if the observed date were converted to a link, I’m not sure the link’s purpose would be obvious to most users. Moreover, if you’re going to link-enable the observed date, why not link-enable the added date for completeness?

All of the user observations made on some day is a useful list (I use it all the time) but a more focused list of one or more very-nearby observations can serve as evidence of a claimed ID. If I make two observations of what appears to be the same species within, say, five minutes of each other, the two observations support each other. If one is species X, the other is also likely to be species X. I often link to a very-nearby observation in the comments and cite this as evidence of the given ID.

AFAIK, there is no agreed upon definition of very-nearby observation, I just made it up. I mention it here since it seems relevant to the current request.

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There is a bit ugly way but if you click to the observation pin on the map, the date will point to the exact observation filter

Here is the link:


If I understand what you’re requesting, this is an easy 2-click. From your dashboard profile icon, choose “Calendar” and then click on the date in question. It will generate a link to all observations you made that day.


Agreed, this could be extended to Date Added and it would be useful IMO.

I see what you’re getting at with this idea, it seems to me a valid but distinct feature request.

Wow I had no idea, thanks for pointing this out. Not super user friendly, but yes the idea is the same. I would just like to have a link from the main observation date.

Thanks Janet, and yes I am aware of the calendar, but I don’t find it as useful as a way of going straight from an individual observation to the series of observations taken on the same date.


I agree. I’d have time to make a cup of tea in the time it takes to launch the calendar and then a specific date on the calendar ;-)


Thank you! Useful!

Can I generate a link to all of my observations for any given month, or just a day?

If you open filters you can choose date, range of dates or general month/months through all years.

Omg DUH on my part — I couldn’t find the date/month filter on the calendar page … it eventually dawned on me that you meant from the observations page ha

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