Link to "my observations of this species" from any Observation

Platform(s), such as mobile, website, API, other: website

Description of need:

After a year of using iNaturalist more and more intensively, I realise that there is a missing feature in the navigation.
In my opinion, from any observation, it would be very useful to have a link to “my observations of this species (taxa)” (as is already possible from Taxa URL, although I confess I only saw it after I started writing this suggestion).

It seems very simple from an IT point of view. We just need to think about how to integrate this in a sober, aesthetic and discreet way.

Feature request details:

Here is the button available from taxa URL (in french) :

(I just saw it as I was writing this message)

With a link like this :*{taxa_id}*&locale=fr&user_id=*{user_id}*

From my point of view, this button could be added from any observation.
Here is a suggestion :

(I’ve mixed up English and French on this screenshot, but it’s so you can see better)

PS. : I hope this suggestion has not already been made : my level of English restricts the exhaustiveness of my research :wink:

While this is still a valid feature request, you can implement this yourself by using this Chrome extension from @sessilefielder:


Thanks @thomaseverest for the link to this extension :smiley:, which I didn’t know about and which I’m going to try out.
However, my browser is Firefox, and I have to admit that I’m pretty loyal to it.

What’s more, the functionality isn’t what I’m suggesting.
From what I read, it adds the number of our observations on the taxon pages, but no specific link on the observation pages.

Shows the count of your observations of a taxon on the taxon’s page.

@sessilefielder , perhaps should you add this functionnality on the observation’s page ?

Oh, you mean this?
Screen Shot 2023-12-07 at 1.16.52 PM


Exactly! :smiley:

Indeed, You can have this link for each identification.

But I wasn’t expecting to see it here: it would be nice to have this link on the observation itself, for the species identified by the community.

BTW, the extension does provide a link to see your observations of a given taxa. See the “view yours” button under the “total observations” section on the example on the image. If I click that link it takes me to my observations.

Yes, @thomaseverest did show me this feature :+1:

But as I was saying, it only concerns species (taxon) pages, not observations pages.

On the latter, the link to “my observations” is available from the identifications, but not from the page as a whole.

It’s better than nothing, and I’ve discovered this feature which will be very useful to me, but I think that a global link from the page, relating to the “community taxon”, would also be useful, as in the screenshot I’ve provided.