Add "Captive" filter choice to Photo Browser options

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After several years of successful Bioblitzes, there is a large bank of images of cultivated plants marked “not wild”. However, these images are not readily accessible to the casual user through the Photo Browser. For easy access, it would be great to add “Captive” to the pulldown where circled in the screenshot. (The filter is currently available through the Identify pane, but that introduces more of a learning curve just to see the pictures.)

A more accessible view of these plants could also incentivize Phenology annotation within the Captive dataset. That annotation could be useful later to help illustrate plant features to other people (such as bioblitz participants, or identifiers who are assisting) with a simple Photo Browser-based link.

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Great idea!

I just realized this could make finding reference pics of certain individual “celebrity plants” during bioblitzes a lot easier too.

Since there’s an existing filter for quality grade would just added a casual option suffice?

I guess that would work assuming all the “weird things” that also go into casual (missing location, date etc) would not be bad to show as well?