Add donor highlight on profile photos

Monthly donors to iNat are honored as such on their profile pages. A higher-level donor feature that also includes one-time donors (I donate 1x a year) visible to the community at the avatar / profile photo level might prompt current non-donors to open their wallets. It could be something as simple as having a green highlight ring around the circular profile photos of users who have donated at any point. Users would see it and wonder, ‘why does that person have a green glowing ring around their photo?’ The definition for the green highlight ring would appear on the person’s profile page, much like the monthy donor banner that currently exists. I suspect such a feature would increase the percentage of users who donate. Just an idea!

I think Jim is correct.

I think, people do not feel comfortable to comment: both these who donate and these who do not :-)

Quarterly donor here, agreeing!

Perhaps a separate request unless the OP likes this addition:

An optional typing prompt for donors to have a sentence like “I donate to iNat because______” or “Why I donate to iNat:___________” somewhere either related/attached to the green banner or formatted into the profiles of donors somehow. (Logisitics is def not my area of expertise).

This might likewise prompt more donations.