"Display Monthly Supporter Badge on profile" checkbox is grayed out

Platform: Website

Browser: Chrome & Firefox, presumably this is a server-side issue. Computer is running MacOS 14.4.1

URLs (aka web addresses) of any relevant observations or pages: https://www.inaturalist.org/users/edit

Screenshots of what you are seeing:

Description of problem:
I am a monthly supporter, but I can’t check the box on my profile page to display it (obviously not a crucial issue, but I’d like to display it if possible).

Step 1: Log in to iNaturalist on the web

Step 2: Click the “Profile” link

Step 3: Click the “Edit account settings & profile” link

Step 4: Try to click the “Display Monthly Supporter Badge on profile” checkbox, but can’t.

Step 5: Submit bug report on iNat forums

Step 6: Go get a snack and check back later to see if someone responds.


Thanks for supporting iNat. This is usually due to your iNat account’s email address and your Donorbox account’s email address not matching. Do both accounts use the same email address?

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Yep, same email address on my iNat account and my Donorbox account.


Thanks, I see that they match. There seems to be a bug on Donorbox’s end. I’ll reach out to them and let you know when the issue is resolved.



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Donorbox resolved the issue, so you should be able to check the box now. Please let us know if you can’t. Thank you for your support and patience!


It works, thank you!