Add flag when default taxon photo is re-identified to another taxon (or auto-remove photo from default position)

I’m a relatively new user of iNaturalist but twice I have come across a taxon for which the first default or reference photo appears (to me) to be incorrectly identified. When I view the observation the image is part of, sure enough the Community ID has been updated to another taxon at Research Grade with no dissenting IDs, and yet the photo still appears as the default for the previous ID. Once I figured out I could remove that photo and put a new one in its place, I did that, but this seems like something that would perpetuate mis-identifications throughout the database. Why not add a flag or pop-up message alerting the user that this particular image has been moved to another taxon? Maybe a red “!” that, when you click on it or mouse over it, explains the issue. Or maybe a curator gets an alert to remove the photo from its default position. Or perhaps simpler: once it gets a new Research Grade Community ID, the image would be automatically removed from the default photo group for the previous incorrect taxon.

Oops, I tried several search terms but wasn’t able to find a previous request for this…turns out I was wrong. @jwidness previously proposed this here:

I’ll move your post over there and close this duplicate.

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