Flag or otherwise mark taxon photos whose CID doesn't match taxon

I’d like to have some kind of indicator for images set to be a taxon photo whose community ID doesn’t actually match the taxon. That way if an observation gets corrected to a new ID, it will be easier to remove the photos from the incorrect taxon.

yeah ideally they’d just be automatically removed


Well I’ve found some where 3 or 4 people said the wrong thing, I add my correct ID, but the CID is still the wrong thing. Then I put the photo in the correct taxon, but the name doesn’t match until someone else can help correct the ID.

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That must be relatively rare though, right?

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Hmm I do think I’d like to be able to keep the option of using a photo that doesn’t have a CID matching the taxon. Particularly for subspecies because they don’t move the CID forward. I fairly frequently want to add a subspecies photo and the CID is at species.

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